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Jon And Vangelis Demos
Label : WD9404
Type : Private Release Interest :
Support : CDR with Sticker Sound Quality :
Limited To : 10 Rarity :
    1986 Demos
  1. Let's Pretend (5:18)
  2. All Throuh The Night (6:28)
  3. Say What You Will (6:21)
  4. The Arms Of Love (5:49)
  5. Distant Thunder (6:02)

    Page Of Life demos
  6. Wisdom Chain (10:47)
  7. Money Madness (5:31)
  8. Garden Of The Senses (6:28)
  9. Shine For Me (4:00)
  10. Change We Must (10:01)
    You can download a short soundclip (446K) in the MP3 format.
    Click here to get the lyrics (from the Vangelis' Lyrics Site)
  11. Sing With Your Eyes (5:12)
    Click here to get the lyrics (from the Vangelis' Lyrics Site)
All songs by JON & VANGELIS
Unreleased tracks from sessions between 1986 and 1991
This CD is an archive of unreleased material composed by Vangelis Papathanassiou.
It is not for public sale and is for archival purposes only

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2017/02/04 - Curtis Ryan

If you could send me the Jon and Vangelis demo's as I plan to remaster them to make them sound better, would highly appreciate it

2016/10/12 - Mackenzie Melo

Hello. Thank you for all the info you provide us on Vangelis and his Oeuvre!
Isn't there a way for us to hear these rarities?

2011/09/15 - Taran

This website makes tinhgs hella easy.