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Ace Up My Sleeve
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1. Ace Up My Sleeve
You can download a short soundclip (267K) in the MP3 format.
2.-5. Vangelis - Various themes
musics composed and performed by VANGELIS

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2019/01/07 - Hans

Hi Antas.
Could you please send me the code to this archive?
Many Thanks.

2018/09/29 - Cannon58

Hi Antas.
Could you please send me the code to this archive?
Many Thanks.

2015/04/25 - Antas - Webmaster

Thanks my friend ;)

2015/04/25 - dadadacicici

01. Excerpts from 'Ace up my sleeve' 26.18
02. Improvisation at Nemo Studios in 1982 6.42
03. Song is (from 'Private Collection' sessions) 6.04
04. Theme from 'Cousteau' 1.37
05. Theme from 'Morandi' 1.22

2010/05/10 - Bas Dekkers

This Digalog cd looks nice, but it's recording quality isn't. The beautiful music of the Ace Up My Sleeve movie sinks away in hiss and low noise. The sounds 'crack' and clips everywhere. Really bad. The first track lasts for over 25 minutes, soundclips from the movie mended together. The hiss sinks away every now and then, like the overall volume does as well. The trackvolume of the other various themes isn't good as well. This cd is very heavy mastered, so playing a bit too loud will blow away your roof.

Next to the red strip on the sleeve, there is an almost impossible to read text stating "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack". Not only the Ace Up My Sleeve soundtrack is presented, track four comes from Cousteau and it's last track is Morandi. Also "Song Is..." is on this cd.

It's nice to have it for it's rarity, but avoid it for the quality. Don't expect anything new or real rare stuff, and please be careful with your speakers! This cd comes in a slimline cd case.