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1492 Conquest Of Paradise
Label : 2002 Andromeda Music - AM0402
Type : Bootleg Interest :
Support : Black Manufactured Double CD Sound Quality :
Limited To : 250 Rarity :
  1. Main Titles (Hispaniola) (3'33)
  2. Opening (3'02)
  3. Dreams Of Adventure Part I (1'14)
  4. 4. Monasterio De La Rabida (4'24)
  5. City Of Isabel (2'08)
  6. Into The Soul (2'53)
  7. Moxica And The Horse Part I (5'27)
  8. Execution (2'26)
  9. Eternity (3'45)
  10. Conquest Of Paradise Part I (4'16)
  11. Light And Shadow (3'46)
  12. Monasterio De La Rabida Part II (Psalmus) (2'10)
  13. Moxica And The Horse Part II (5'46)
  14. Dreams Of Adventure Part II (3'58)
  1. Pinta Nina Santa Maria (11'40)
  2. West Across The Ocean Sea (2'53)
  3. Luz De Luna (1'01)
  4. Twenty Eighth Parallel (5'14)
  5. Echoes Of Glory (2'55)
  6. Deliverance (4'52)
  7. Clash Of Civilisation (1'42)
  8. Lament (3'09)
  9. Cuhuni (1'16)
  10. Line Open (CD Maxi Single Version) (4'45)
  11. Lanscape (CD Maxi Single Version) (1'37)
  12. Destiny (1'26)
  13. Fuerte Navidad (4'39)
  14. Conquest Of Paradise Part II (End Titles) (4'06)
Original Music Composed and Performed by Vangelis
Limited edition release and is not licensed for public sale. Copyright Andromeda Music Ltd.
This version contains minor Fx but no dialog

There is a cut in the music (about one second) at the first track CD1 (at 30') on the orignal master. First original copies do contain this anomaly.

"The official East West release of 1492 suffered from the same handicapas Warner's official release of Blade Runner: a sever lack of musicpresent on screen but not reflected in the official score. Vangelishas rationalized this saying that he prefers to bring something fresh‚new to the commercial soundtrack. Be that as it may‚ these releasesusually "leave us hanging" and wishing for more music from the film.

The (fake) OWM tried to put together a more complete version of 1492 ontwo cds‚ but failed miserably to deliver something coherent since itwas riddled with horrible looping. Now‚ Andromeda‚ has gotten itshands on what seems like non-dialog copy of 1492 for dubbing and we canfinally listen to Vangelis' beautiful melodies with minor backgroundeffects and no looping.

In theory‚ the idea behind Andromeda's release is a very good one:mixing incidental tracks from the non-dialog source with the officialscore. (Sort of like the Esper Edition with Blade Runner). However‚unlike Esper Productions‚ Andromeda fails in its execution. Why? Tworeasons. The music of the discs is not chronologically ordered. Examples: The disc starts off with the cue of Columbus landing on theisland of Hispanola‚ something that happens halfway through the film. "Moxica and the Horse" which happens in the third act of the filmappears near the beginning of the disc. On disc two‚ we hear cues ofthe Spaniards liberation of Granada‚ something which occurs near thebeginning of the film. Why the Andromeda producers decided to do thisis beyond me.

Lastly‚ the mixing and/or blending of tracks is very clumsy. Insteadof having a nice coherent flow to the tracks‚ we have abrupt endingsand awkward transitions. In any case‚ it's certainly nice to have allthe 1492 music there on one release‚ it's just a shame that Andromedadidn't present it correctly when it had the chance."

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2018/08/24 - Antas - Webmaster

There is no code for this one

2018/01/25 - PLEASE UNDERSTAND!!

Antas will never give the codes! He want to have the music for himself and for his own only. He doesn't care of us.

2017/05/27 - Maya

Hi. Could you please send me a download code for this album.
Long time I'm searching the net for it.

2015/07/06 - peter

Could you please send me a download code?
Thank you!

2010/12/09 - Pendor

DISC TWO, Track 1. Pinta, Niña, Santa María

2009/01/31 - Abe3

This bootleg is available for download here:

2008/12/19 - michel

Hello, is there somebody who could write a chronological order of track from this edition? I tried to do it, but a can't recognize too many of them in the film :( Maybe somebody already has done it, or could do? Best regards - Michel from Poland.

2008/02/27 - :0

wow !

where could i get this soundtracks !?

i got the teaser version whit many soundtracks, but i was wery sad that the soundtrack: the voyager. was so short :(

i love that music from the movie and should wish it was longer on my album anybody know where i could geit the full version of, the voyager. i would be wey happy. grating Lasse ;D

2007/08/25 - Zuvqwyx

"Dude, Where's My Boat" edition!