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Blade Runner - WestWood Edition
Label : A2000 Skinjob Release
Type : Private Release Interest :
Support : CDR Sound Quality :
Limited To : 10 Rarity :
  1. Running Along The Blade 2:21
    You can download a short soundclip (268K) in the MP3 (zip) format.
  2. 4th Sector 1:37
  3. By Invitation Only 2:28
  4. Awakenings 0:25
  5. Streets of LA 2019 1:35
  6. Downtown 1:33
  7. Animoid Row 3:23
    You can download a short soundclip (268K) in the MP3 (zip) format.
  8. Dektora's Dance 1:57
  9. Put Your Hands On Me 1:11
  10. Love Theme 3:36
  11. Enigma Drift 1:24
  12. Bounce 3:58
  13. Solitude 1:16
  14. Trash Dance 1:35
  15. Geishan Echoes 1:19
  16. Blade Runner Blues 8:50
  17. The Eyes Follow 1:33
  18. One More Time‚ Love 2:55
  19. Late Call 1:42
  20. Remorse 0:39
  21. Goodnight 3:43
  22. End Titles 3:25
Original Music Composed by Frank Klepacki
Limited edition release and is not licensed for public sale
Tracks 10 & 16 Composed and performed by Vangelis

"Contrary to popular belief‚ Vangelis does not perform ANY music on thisrelease‚ which is made up of the music from Westwood Studio?sremarkable game‚ based on the movie‚ "Blade Runner." Except for theobvious Vangelis-written themes (Blade Runner Blues‚ Love Theme‚ etc)all of the music here is composed and performed by Frank Klepacki. Hisrenditions of the Vangelis material successfully imitate the originalsvery closely‚ namely the "Blade Runner Blues." Much of other musicfollows themes from the plot in the video game and doesn?t necessarilysound anything like Vangelis music. However‚ themes such as "Solitude"echoes the feel of "Memories of Green" and "One More Time‚ Love" is ablatant rip-off of "One More Kiss‚ Dear‚ "(as is "Running Along theBlade" a rip-off of the "Closing Titles.") All in all‚ this is niceattempt by Westwood to re-create the sound of Blade Runner. Some ofthe original music is very nicely done‚ and adds a lot of depth to thegame. However‚ for those collectors that have never played theWestwood game‚ and are expecting to hear Vangelis playing here‚ you?llbe disappointed."  Sebastian

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2012/10/22 - NArhay

I was seriusoly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

2012/03/09 - lazarus

On a side note, this type-o has always bugged me; it's "a 2000 Skinjob Release" not "A2000 Skinjob Release"

I think I have a couple left from the original 10. I'll most likely but them on ebay when I find what box they're in.

2012/01/14 - rychespike

Hi, Valet2, do you still have this CD available?...if so, could i make an offer to buy it off you?...Gaz - my email is

2010/07/22 - Valet2

I do have this cd. All the tracks, including 10 and 16, wrote Frank Klepacki. The ones which sound like original Vangelis tunes were played by Frank from scratch as well. This info could be found on his site.