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Blade Runner - Special Edition - Memoires vol 7
Label : 1999 DECK MUSIC (Japan)
Type : Private Release Interest :
Support : Silk-Screen CDR Sound Quality :
Limited To : 100 Rarity :
Tracks 1 - 21 : Blade Runner suite (63'07)
You can download a short soundclip (478K) in the MP3 format.
Original music composed and performed by VANGELIS
This item is an expanded and remastered version of the Memoires5 private release

"This release is the perfect compliment to the official Warner releaseof 1994. In fact‚ if you have both of these items‚ it renders theGongo and Off-World releases almost superfluous. The sound isexcellent‚ and the disc includes many‚ many tracks that are notavailable on any other release. For example‚ here you will find suchthemes as the prelude to Rachael?s Voight Kampff test‚ Animoid Row‚Tafey Lewis? Bar‚ Morning at JF Sebastian?s apartment‚ and even theunreleased‚ alternate Love Theme. These themes aren?t cut around thedialog either‚ as is the case with many of the OWM releases‚ and likethe official release‚ all of themes flow into each other beautifully . The disc also includes many of the sound effects that gave Blade Runnerits terrific‚ dark‚ film noir atmosphere such as rain‚ flying spinnersand other street sounds. Lastly‚ the only drawback to this release isthat many of the major themes such as "Memories of Green‚" "Love Theme"etc‚ appear as short versions‚ or as is heard directly in the film. Nevertheless‚ as I said at the beginning‚ this release compliments theofficial album masterfully. For all of these reasons‚ this disc is aMUST for any Vangelis collector (and/or Blade Runner fan)."  Sebastian

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2012/02/22 - Charley Knoll

Thanks for an interesting post. How would one get to hear this release?