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Blade Runner - Off World version
Label : 1993 Off World Music
Type : Bootleg Interest :
Support : Manufactured CD Sound Quality :
Limited To : 2000 Rarity :
  1. Ladd Company Logo (0:24) [John Williams]
  2. Main Titles and Prologue (4:03)
  3. Los Angeles‚ November 2019 (1:46)
  4. Deckard Meets Rachael (1:29)
  5. Bicycle Riders [Harps of the Ancient Temples] (2:05) [Gail Laughton]
  6. Memories of Green (5:39)
  7. Blade Runner Blues (10:19)
  8. Deckard's Dream (1:12)
  9. On the Trail of Nexus 6 (5:30)
  10. If I Didn't Care (3:03) [Jack Lawrence]
  11. Love Theme (4:57)
  12. The Prodigal Son Brings Death (3:35)
  13. Dangerous Days (1:02)
  14. Wounded Animals (10:58)
  15. Tears in Rain (2:41)
  16. End Titles (7:24)
  17. One More Kiss Dear (4:00) [Skelling and Vangelis]
  18. Trailer and Alternate Main Titles (1:39) [Robert Randles]
Original music composed and performed by VANGELIS
Copyright 1993 Off World Music‚ Ltd. "Blade Runner" copyright 1982 Ladd Company. This is a special limitededition release and is not licenced for public sale. Made in EEC.

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2011/12/15 - Max

I always listen to the original score...
I really want this OWM-version...
thx very much

2011/08/19 - Michael Toye

I have an original of this. it's in mint condition and if a collector would like it, let me know. it's sitting in my rack and never listened too.

2011/03/14 - Tammy

Looking for this mp3 or cd. Can you help?

2009/12/01 - Richard

How do I get a copy of this?


2007/09/25 - LEE

This is one of the first alternate recordings avalible on the CD format, limited to only 2000 copies, and thankfully a factory pressed disc by DISCTRONICS USA, as stated in the CD matrix(located around the spindle hole of the disc)**WTG01**/121628-R2-3343-2. This recording, issued by OFF WORLD MUSIC/OWM-9301, pretty much has all but two cues; "ogi no mato" by Ensemble Nipponia and Morning at the Bradbury. The sound quality, well I would go for the 1994 Warner Brothers' comercial release for that, remember we're dealing with "Alternate Recordings" here and they should be treated as such. All an all, I rate the packaging and sound of this CD = 7 out of 10.