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Blade Runner - Esper Edition
Label : Esper Production
Type : Private Release Interest :
Support : 2 CDR with Sticker Sound Quality :
Limited To : 10 Rarity :

Disc One

  1. Prologue And Main Titles 3:54
  2. Leon's Voight Kampff Test 1:09
  3. Sushi Bar - Damask Rose 2:46
  4. Spinner Ascent 1:21
  5. Blush Response 5:43
  6. Wait For Me 5:12
  7. Deckard Meets Rachael 1:36
  8. Rachael's Song 4:20
  9. Tales Of The Future 4:53
  10. Bicycle Riders 2:10
  11. Chew's Eye Lab 1:15
  12. Memories Of Green 5:35
  13. Blade Runner Blues 10:01
  14. Pris Meets J.F. Sebastian 1:47
  15. One More Kiss‚ Dear 4:04

Disc Two

  1. Deckard Dream 1:10
  2. Thinking Of Rachael 1:18
  3. Esper Analysis 2:34
  4. Animoid Row 2:34
  5. Taffey Lewis Night Club 2:02
  6. Salome's Dance 1:23
  7. Zhora's Retirement 1:42
  8. I am The Business 2:29
  9. Love Theme 4:58
  10. I Dreamt Music 4:32
  11. Morning At The Bradbury 3:46
  12. The Prodigal Son Brings Death 4:07
  13. Deckard Enters The Bradbury 3:37
  14. Dangerous Days 0:57
  15. Wounded Animals 10:53
  16. Tears In Rain 2:51
  17. Rachael Sleeps 2:08
  18. End Titles 4:06
Original Music Composed and Performed by Vangelis
"Harps Of The Ancient Temples" written and performed by Gail Laughton
Vocals on tracks 3‚9 (disc 1) and track 5 (disc II) by Demis Roussos
Vocals on "Rachael's Song" by Mary Hopkin
Saxophone on tracks 2 and 9 (disc II) by Dick Morrisey
Lyrics and vocals on "One More Kiss‚ Dear" by Don Percival

Limited edition release and is not licensed for public sale


In light of the sheer amount of "Esper" discs (i.e. "Esper Edition" and L.A‚ 2019) being sold on the internet over the past few years and with the emergence of new bootlegs claiming to be "Esper Productions‚" we wanted to take this opportunity to officially clarify that any vendor claiming to be‚ or selling on behalf of "Esper Productions" has absolutely nothing to do with the original people involved. These rip-off merchants have quite simply‚ stolen our "label."

The "Esper Edition" was made by two Vangelis/BR fans. Both of us would like to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. The intention of this private release was to give "our take" or interpretation of what the Blade Runner soundtrack should be. -that’s it.- The fact that these bootleggers have appropriated the discs and label name and started selling them on various websites‚ ebay‚ etc‚ is indeed regrettable. We’re totally against the idea of lucrative gain being derived from these kinds of fan projects. Moreover‚ let me further clarify that neither of us have ever made a single cent off this effort.

We made a total of ten original copies: five for each of us. We then distributed them to friends in the Vangelis circle. Among them‚ is Antas who has been gracious enough to let us publish this note on his site. Why only ten? It was always meant to be a homemade project.

Since‚ the "Esper Edition" has surprisingly become "stuff of legend" in many Blade Runner circles‚ mentioned on many webpages all over the internet. While secretly very flattered- we’d also like to take this moment to "de-mystify" the release.

Why did we make it? Basically‚ we were sick of so many BR bootlegs floating around that never "got it right" in terms of chronology‚ or thoroughness. They all had something unique to them‚ but there were always oversights. So‚ like taking pieces from a puzzle‚ we decided to simply "cut and paste" from all the exiting releases (official‚ bootlegs‚ private releases‚ etc)‚ 1982 video‚ 1992 directors cut and construct something fresh. We paid close attention to chronologically follow the sequences from the film. Although not agreeing at first‚ we finally decided it would be best to have the tracks flow into one another‚ as a sort of BR suite. We originally wanted to make the discs just for our enjoyment‚ but we thought it would be neat to come up with artwork and make it a "private release" for our friends. That’s all.

As for the follow-up‚ "L.A. 2019‚" we wanted to make an "ambience" cd that transported the listener to the world of Blade Runner. The sound effects are almost entirely from the BR game‚ with Vangelis stuff layered in the back. We inserted "Reve" and an unused piece from "The Bounty" as well‚ because they both fitted the mood very well.
Why the name "Esper Productions?" We thought a logo of the Esper machine would make an original pseudo trademark. Hence the name.

Lastly‚ let us stress that our intention was always to make this a project by fans for fans. It was created out of love for Vangelis’ music‚ not money. Having said this‚ if other fans want to further the "Esper" concept by adding‚ re-editing or using our "work" to get a different result‚ that’s fine -provided that they do not use the name “Esper Productions‚” which has been ripped-off just to cash-in.

"This is it. Don't look any further. Had I known this release was on its way‚ I would have found it difficult to give many of the other Blade Runner bootlegs the maximum rating in the past. This "Esper Productions" double cd private release is‚ to date‚ the most comprehensive and accurate Blade Runner version to see the light of day. Where every other BR bootleg falters‚ this version is resilient. I believe it's as close as we've ever come to the "Ultimate Blade Runner Soundtrack" so far. With so many Blade Runner boots out there‚ many reading this review might be asking‚ "so what's the big deal?" I'll give it a shot:

Basically‚ this release parts on a similar premise of the 2000 OWM release (i.e. a double disc release trying to take music from every BR source) but takes this idea much farther with never-before-heard music and excellent production quality. For the first time‚ this release has virtually ALL of the music from the film (Directors Cut and 1982 theatrical release). Highlights of new goodies on these discs:

. Most noteworthy‚ this release debuts "Thinking of Rachael" - the shorter and different take of the Love Theme‚ (heard only in the 1982 theatrical release where Deckard dozes off on his piano). A first on any release.

. For the first time‚ the incidental music heard when Deckard wakes Rachael‚ just before their escape at the end of the film is present on the track titled "Rachael Sleeps."

. At long last‚ (as in the film itself) the eerie electronic rumblings leading into the "Love Theme" is expanded and presented in its complete form‚ titled "I am the Business." (The recent Deck Music and Deck Art releases decide to "chop up" this sequence into several parts for no apparent reason).

. Incidental music from the Esper photo examination film sequence is present on the track titled "Esper Analysis."

. The "Prologue and Main Titles" track contains the original "LA‚ November 2019" sound effect cue leading into the Main Titles‚ as heard in the film itself. (The Deck Music and Deck Art releases layered a spinner effect over it)

. The track titled "Deckard Enters the Bradbury" also has expanded music‚ not heard on any BR release.

. For the first time‚ the complete "Tears in Rain" dialog is presented here (i.e. "time to die" omitted from other versions)

. Lastly‚ this release contains interesting new mixes and transitions‚ (i.e. the fusion featured on the track titled "Sushi Bar- Damask Rose")

As gathered from reading many BR reviews in the past‚ some fans might find the brief dialog sequences distracting‚ preferring the musical purity principle of the "Gongo" or "BR 2001" releases. Nonetheless‚ it's clear that this Esper Productions release is extremely true to the film's atmospheric offerings while presenting all of the major themes in a very coherent and original manner. For this‚ and it's many new additions I find this "Esper Edition" BR release as close to perfection as it gets. Truly‚ a must have."

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2018/02/25 - Manolo

Hello. How can I download "Esper Edition"? Please help me. Best regards.
My email address is:

2017/08/09 - Old Bear

I do not know the other versions of ESPER EDITION at all, let alone the other bootlegs, but I admit that this one is particularly well cared for and working very well. A real gem.

2017/02/27 -

I have searched for the answer everywhere I can and have not found anything yet. My question is what microphone did they use to record the dialog in Blade Runner?&#65279;

2017/01/30 - Nick Hopkins

I'm proud to say my father worked on the film, in both sound and dubbing capacities...he LOVES this version as it captures what has been our favourite film to watch together. Thank you for putting a smile on his face :)

2016/09/08 - Mark Van Proyen

Would love to have this set on CD--is it possible? Of course, I am talking about Blade Runner Espar edition.

2013/10/31 - Steven Rosenblatt

It might sound hyperbolic, but you've done a service to humanity -- or at least this particular human who enjoyes the Esper Edition immensely. Unquestionably the best compilation of the extraordinary, exquisite, other-wordly sounds and music from that masterpiece of a film. I hope the Esper Edition is always accessible online for the masses to appreciate and enjoy. We are so very grateful!

2013/09/27 - Jeff

Ah, it is on the LMS edition.

2013/09/27 - Jeff

Awesome contribution to Blade Runner lore.

I think it would have been nice to include the Ladd Company logo intro as well.

2013/04/09 - ogvh5150

Just finished so I can add the AICH hash


2013/04/09 - ogvh5150

I like how the real esper prod. say there are fake espers selling bootlegs of bootlegs.

Anyway here's a real downloadable file:


Thanks to the one person out of ten that shares. You're a man among mice.

2012/10/23 - Joengoesjoe

Do android's dream of eiletrcc sheep?When this movie was released we as people mostly American thought the future was going to be more advanced than it was then but we were wrong.The hiphop generation with the help of Viacom and mtv have done wonderously in creating through reality T.V. a true dumbing down.What we thought would through time be advanced has turned out to be regression.We are hopelessly retarded by what we see and hear as human's we have become the bum in the street Thanx mtv!!!

2012/04/16 - Richard

I have a bootleg copy of the ESPER Edition CD set if anyone is interested?

My original plan was to list it on ebay, which is where I originally bought the set, but the CD set is apparently a forbidden item, so I thought i'd see if anyone here was looking for it. The CDs and artwork are all copies of the original, but the audio content is the same as the "official" releases.

I've visited this site quite often to look at the history of the soundtrack, so thought i'd try and gauge interest here.

Please contact me if you require further information:

2011/11/21 - Richard (r0b0c0p)

I love thie Esper edition, it transports me into the feeling and atmosphere of the movie perfectly.

Rachels's song, Morning At The Bradbury, Love Theme etc, all just perfectly beautiful music and very well assembled here.

This is one of my most listened Cd's ever, thanks so much! Rich

2011/09/18 - Bono

You raelly found a way to make this whole process easier.

2011/09/16 - Amberly

With all these silly websites, such a great page keeps my inrtenet hope alive.

2011/09/15 - Minerva

Holy sihzint, this is so cool thank you.

2011/08/22 - Nexus


I founded in the Esper Edition all the music that Vangelis denyded to reward all the BR fans along this years with an official release...

...An I copied the Magnet URI link that can be openen by uTorrent, so you can download all the discography of Vangelis...including all the Blade Runner Releases!!!...enjoy!


2010/08/06 - Clifford


Firstly, and foremostly...I do have to agree entirely with your post. Your efforts can only be described as "clinical and true" and that is ment as a massive compliment! Thank you for all the tim espent in pulling this together.

Secondary, as a well known producer (under an aka) and am a humungous sfci-fi head (and write sci-fi shorts under another aka but far less successfully) (if only i had the skills of alistair reynolds!!!) I raise my hat and to the excellent quality of the production.

Very well done gentlemen ... you have set the standard

2008/08/31 - Morgan

I have both the Esper edition and the L.A. 2019 edition.
They sounds like paradise.

And I'll give them to no one.

2008/06/12 - Dan

Oh, yeah. Dan at

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