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Salut Jerusalem
Label : 2015 - INA2410
Type : Bootleg Interest :
Support : WAV Sound Quality :
Limited To : Unknown Rarity :
01. Track 01 (2:17)
02. Track 02 (0:36)
03. Track 03 (1:17)
04. Track 04 (1:03)
05. Track 05 (1:56)
06. Track 06 (1:58)
07. Track 07 (0:57)
08. Track 08 (0:59)
09. Track 09 (3:59)
10. Track 10 (1:33)
11. Track 11 (1:02)
12. Track 12 (3:10)
13. Track 13 (2:12)
14. Track 14 (0:53)
15. Track 15 (2:34)
16. Track 16 (0:27)
17. Track 17 (1:28)
18. Track 18 (0:53)
19. Track 19 (4:50)
Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by Vangelis Papathanassiou.
Private recording from INA archives. Not for sale.

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2018/07/15 - Juan Castillo

Would you be so kind to send me the code for Salut Jerusalem?
Thank you!
Best Wishes

2018/01/25 - PLEASE UNDERSTAND!!

Antas will never give the codes! He want to have the music for himself and for his own only. He doesn't care of us.

2017/07/21 - Christian

Hi Anta, thank you very much for your great work!
Could you please send a code to

Thanks! Christian from Argentina

2017/07/04 - Robert

Please, can I have the code?

2017/04/25 - James

would very much like to hear this send me the download code when you can please,

2017/01/30 - paci

Hello Antas, first time in here, can you send a conde to:

2016/11/23 - Vitaly

Thanks for this!!

2016/10/03 - Piet den Dikken

Hello Antas,
As a very big fan, may i request to send this code to:

2016/08/25 - Argolat

Hello Antas, first time here, from ffshrine.
Please, could you send me the code to

adolfo dot rodriguez at telefonica dot net

2016/07/14 - rissan

Great capture.

Is it possible to send a code to rissan66 at

Thanks in advance.

2016/07/11 - Andrei

Hi Antas,
Could you please send e the code to download?
Thanks a lot!

2016/07/11 - kujaschi

Hello my friend,
as Vangelis fan since 25 years I´m very interesting in this wonderul and rare piece of music. Can you send me the code please....

2016/07/08 - Dejra

hi, please send me the code

2016/06/29 - Farkas

Hi! Can you send me the download code? Thanks a lot.

2016/04/30 - remous

could you send me the dload code

2016/04/30 - remous

could you send me the dload code

2016/04/03 - bryant

Is there a place where I can download Salut Jerusalem? Or the code to your website?

Thank you!

2016/03/04 - Volescu Luca

Hi, my friend!
I am a Vangelis fan since my childhood, when I heard at 9 "L`Opera Sauvage". It was like a revelation of divine beauty that sparks in my spirit.

I have listen all rarities of Vangelis, so please let my curiosity be satisfied, and send me the code for this new entry.

Let the spirit of Vangelis music guide you through your life like a shining rainbow of splendors!

Volescu Luca

ascendedcosmicmaster at gmail com

2016/02/21 - Pepe ramos

Send me the code please. Very tnx my email adress:

2016/01/23 - Johann53

Since many years I am a fan of Vangelis music. Would you please send me the code for downloading?

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