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Label : 2015 - INA2411
Type : Bootleg Interest :
Support : WAV Sound Quality :
Limited To : Unknown Rarity :
01. Track 01 (4:14)
02. Track 02 (1:45)
03. Track 03 (1:12)
04. Track 04 (2:41)
05. Track 05 (2:26)
06. Track 06 (6:03)
07. Track 07 (1:14)
08. Track 08 (2:54)
09. Track 09 (1:00)
10. Track 10 (1:00)
11. Track 11 (1:47)
12. Track 12 (0:47)
13. Track 13 (3:05)
14. Track 14 (5:31)
Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by Vangelis Papathanassiou.
Private recording from INA archives. Not for sale.

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2019/02/14 - René

Excelente espacio para adictos al griego&#9829;

2018/09/26 - Gerald

Can you send me the code please?


2018/09/23 - Cannon58

Hi Antas.
Could you please send me the code to this archive?
Many Thanks.

2018/08/03 - Noam

Hello, I would appreciate it if you could send me the code for this release.
Many Thanks!

2018/04/07 - Hans

Hello. Is this still available?

Can I please have the code? Regards from Russia.

2017/11/07 - Matt

Hello, big fan of V

May i please have the code for AMORE flac?

Thank you,
Kind regards!
Muchos Gracias!

2017/11/04 - Luk Dessein

Dear Anthas
I have an mp3 of the MMLP07 release of this soundtrack. Is this version different/ better??? Is it FLAC?
Could you please send a code to compare?

Thanks for any answer!!!

2017/03/27 - Javier

I'm a huge Vangelis fan.Code, please.
Thanks. Gracias.

2017/03/27 - Javier

I'm a huge Vangelis fan.Code, please.
Thanks. Gracias.

2016/11/12 - Per Christian

Hi, I'm a huge Vangelis fan, and I would absolutely love to get hold of this Amore bootleg. Any way you could send the download code?


Thank you so much anyway, for a fantastic site. You've been a resource to me more times than I can remember. :)

Thanks again, Christian

2016/09/25 - Rivanho

Hi, is it possible to share the tracks on this album.
Thanks !

2016/07/11 - Andrei

Hi Antas,
Could you please send e the code to download?
Thanks a lot!

2016/07/08 - Dejra

Code please!

2016/06/22 - Cristian

I'd be happy if I can get a download copy for my personal use.
Thank you in advance

2016/03/24 - Graham

Code please! thank you !

2016/03/22 - Arturo Badillo

Hi, I'm a great fan of Vangelis, I'm from Mexico and I hope please send me the code for the download, my e-mail is: Very thanks!!!!

2016/03/03 - Zuiko

Thanks fo the code, Antas - amazing piece of music

2016/02/21 - Pepe ramos

Send me the code please. Very tnx my email adress:

2016/02/16 - Centaury

Hi. I am a huge fan of Vangelis. Could you please kindly send me the code for downloading this to Thank you so much, Antas!

2016/02/08 - Zuiko

I don't think this is working. I never received the code.
Is there something wrong I do?

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