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The Rosetta Mission
Label : ESA Music Research GmbH
Type : Bootleg Interest :
Support : Digital Sound Quality :
Limited To : Unknown Rarity :
01. Arrival (2'20)
02. Philae's Journey (2'54)
03. Rosetta's Waltz (2'24)
Music by Vangelis. Inspired by The Rosetta Mission.

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2017/02/06 - Luis Fernando

Would love to also have a download code for this CD

Thanks a lot up front

Regard ,Luis Fernando

2017/01/17 - Vindia

CAn you send me this code?
Thank you in advance.


2016/12/07 - Alain

Hello, I love all these bootlegs ; can you send me the Code , please ?
I thank you in advance too

2016/07/29 - Dens

very cool

2016/06/30 - Andras Pal

Hello ! Thanks for the sent codes .Please be kind and send me the download code for this album to
Thank you in advance

2016/02/02 - karla

Thanks for share!! CAn you send me this code?

2015/12/20 - xisco

Great upload!
I would apreciate to share it with you. Thank you in advance

2015/10/16 - Javier

Is it possible to get the code here Please ?

2015/10/07 - Juan Pablo

please the code to download it:

2015/07/13 - Arjan

Would love to also have a download code for this CD

Thanks a lot up front

Regard , Arjan