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See You Later (Special Expanded Edition)
Label : Unknown
Type : Bootleg Interest :
Support : CDR Sound Quality :
Limited To : Unknown Rarity :
01. Suffocation (9:28)
02. Multitrack Suggestion (5:38)
03. My Love (4:05)
04. Not a Bit - All Of It (3:02)
05. We Are Your Neighbors (4:51)
06. I Can't Take It Anymore (5:44)
07. Memories Of Green (5:51)
08. See You Later (10:24)
09. Gestation (7:31)
10. Domestic Logic 1 (3:16)
11. Don't Be Foolish (3:57)
12. Doesn't Matter (4:25)
Music composed and performed by Vangelis

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2018/09/23 - Cannon58

Hi Antas.
Could you please send me the code to this archive?
Many Thanks.

2018/02/02 - Carlos

I love this album, in special for the last two tracks, which are sang by Peter Marsh. Can you give me the chance to download it?

2017/08/10 - filios

please send me the code at
thank you!

2017/07/01 - Slava

Please code, I will be happy !!!

Thanks in advance!

2017/04/18 - Steven

I'd love to get a download code.


My e-mail is Excuse me Oscar G

2017/01/27 - Oscar G

Antas i `ll be greateful if you could send me the code of Vagelis See you later S E E. Many thanks Oscar G Argentina

2017/01/19 - Marco

Could you pleae send me the code?
Thank you very much, Marco

2016/08/22 - Michael

Thanks for uploading this. I would love to hear it, if you're willing to send the download code to

2016/01/07 - Raul

Hi Dear Mr. Antas
Can you please send me the code for this Bootleg
It would be very nice.
My e-mail is:

2015/12/20 - xisco

Great upload!
I would apreciate to share it with you. Thank you in advance

2015/10/07 - Juan Pablo

please the code to download it:

2015/09/14 - Adam

Dear Mr.Antas
Please send me the download code to this bootleg
Thank You for your's work for us-Vangelis fans

2015/09/07 - Andras

Dear Antas,please send me the download code to :
Thank you in advance

2015/09/01 - Pablo

Hi there

please send me the code to

Thanks in Advance

2015/04/25 -

Dear Antas! Send me the code, please. Thank you!

2014/12/25 - FFM Teenager

Hi antas is it possible to get the download code? Thank you