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Qatar 2012
Label : Greek Black Label
Type : Bootleg Interest :
Support : CDR with sticker Sound Quality :
Limited To : 25 Rarity :
CD 1

01. Speak No1 (2:31)
02. Qatar Part 1 (7:08)
03. Qatar Part 2 (8:05)
04. Qatar Part 3 (1:50)
05. Qatar Part 4 (5:03)
06. Speak No2 (2:41)
07. Qatar Part 5 (7:20)
08. Qatar Part 6 (6:09)
09. Qatar Part 7 (5:20)
10. Qatar Part 8 (6:46)

CD 2

01. Qatar Part 9 (2:45)
02. Qatar Part 10 (6:15)
03. Qatar Part 11 (6:15)
04. Qatar Part 12 (5:50)
05. Child Of Hope 1 (3:58)
06. Piccola Theme (4:42)
07. Chariot Of Fire (3:45)
08. Conquest Of Paradise (4:25)
09. Speak No3 (1:30)
10. Child Of Hope 1 (4:12)

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Composed, conceived, designed and directed by Vangelis

Angela Gheorghiu - Soprano
Special Guest : Roberto Alagna - Tenor
Yvan Cassar - Conductor and Music Director
Qatar Philarmonic Orchestra
Yulov Russian State Academic Choir
Qatar Philarmonic Children's Choir
Time Rice - Lyrics Child Of Hope
Hugh Hof - Creative Director Of Lighting
Jeremy Irons - Master Of Ceremonies

This is a special limited edition release and is not licensed for public sale

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2015/09/15 - damien jones


i'm a huge fan of Vangelis but i never had the opportunity to see him on stage : could you share this with me please ?
thank you in advance,

kind regards,

2015/09/11 - Dema

Hello Antas.
I am a follower of Vangelis from Argentina
Could you send the code for download Qatar release.
Thanks and regards

2015/09/07 - Andreu

Hello Antas

I am a follower of the Greek master and I am happy that you have this concert. Could you also share with me? thanks a lot.

2015/09/07 - Andras

Hi Antas,
Please send me the download code to :
Many thanks

2015/09/04 - kostas

Hi there

please send me the code to

2015/09/01 - Pablo

Hi there

please send me the code to

Thanks in Advance

2015/08/26 - giancarlo minardi

Hello Antas.
I am a follower of Vangelis from Colombia for almost 30 forty years.
Could you send the code of MEGA.
Thanks and regards.

2015/08/19 - jose quesada

My email is
Thank you

2015/08/19 - jose quesada

Hello Antas.
I am a follower of Vangelis Spanish for almost forty years.
Could you send the code of MEGA.
Thanks and regards.

2015/08/11 - rglor

I 'm the portuguese biggest fan of vangelis.
I have about 150 vangelis's albuns in my computer.
to add this album to my collection would ask you a favor to send me a code to my mail.
Thank you very much

2015/08/01 - AdamKadmon

I wait that concert from 2012.
Now i see the horizon...

Please send me the code
adamkadmon314 at yahoo com

May the spirit of Vangelis rest upon your soul!

2015/07/29 - Sam

Hi Antas - music is life, from the old egroup I hope I can get the code too, please

email egroupmmm at

2015/07/17 - Pepe Ramos

Dear Antas, I need the code from Mega, many many tnx
My email:

2015/07/16 - Paco

Thank you for your site.
It is the great work.
Can you send me a code please.
Hope you respond. Thx a lot

2015/07/11 - Arjan

Almost wiling to beg for a download code…fan for almost 40 years now

Hope you respond

Thanks , Arjan

2015/07/10 - Steve Byhurst

Hi again Antas,
We haven't been in touch for ages but I am still collecting Vangelis.
I hope you are well.
I would be very grateful if you could send me the code for this download.
Many thanks and best wishes,
Steve (London, UK)

2015/07/09 - Vicente Ibarra

Hi Antas . I'm very happy for all that good news about Vangelis music and very proud of seeing my own little contributions here on your page .

I'd like a lot getting the Qatar concert code .

Thx in advance .

Vicente Ibarra . Barcelona (

2015/07/08 - Umberto

Hi friend, i'm Umberto from Rome.
I'm waiting for this concert for 4 years...
of course i hope for a future official release (especially for the DVD)in the meantime this is a great news!!!
thanks for all and best regards for your family.

2015/07/07 - Antas - Webmaster

Be patient, I will soon share it

2015/07/06 - peter

Could you please send me a download code?
Thank you!

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