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Adventure Ocean - Silent Potraits
Label : Unknown
Type : Bootleg Interest :
Support : CDR Sound Quality :
Limited To : Unknown Rarity :
1. Suite (13:00)
2. C1 (1:45)
3. C2 (2:03)
4. C3 (2:07)
5. C4 (2:14)
6. C5 (2:35)
7. Cannot Permit (2:13)
8. Silent Portraits part 1 (9:25)
9. Silent Portraits part 2 (10:33)
All musics composed and performed by vangelis

Silent Portraits :

Created exclusively for "Silent Portraits", a project involving Italian photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri, who shot on Polaroid a series of black and white photos, mostly all portraits, of the inhabitants of the nation of Seychelles. The book and photographs together make up this project, and was published by Garzanti Editore S.p.A. in 1984.

The book has a clothbound hardback cover that measures an 15.5 inches horizontally and 12 inches vertically. It is 132 pages in length, filled with images on glossy paper. The foreword is presented in both French and English.

The music was meant to be played while looking at the photos.

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2019/01/07 - Hans

Could you please send me the code to this archive?
Many Thanks.


Canyou send the code please, Im a big fan of Vangelis,Thank you.

2016/12/28 - Rik

Hi, would it be possible to share the code
Thanks in advance

2016/10/07 - Rivanho

Hello, would it be possible to share a code for Adventure Ocean - Silent Potraits ?
Many thanks from a fan in Belgium

2016/09/25 - Victor

Hi Could I have the code for this rarity please. Thank you in advance for your time.

2016/03/18 - kababi

hello! please send me the code: (eleven).This Is my G-mail:

2016/03/17 - kababi

hi! please send me the code / eleven / thank you so much

2016/03/04 - Volescu Luca

My friend, i am intrigued by that rare album. This is music from "Cousteau" or other unknown release?

I hardly wait to listen the magnificient music of open seas and departures in the eternal adventure of spirit upon this miraculous planet.

Please send me the code at
ascendedcosmicmaster at gmail com

Let the essence of Vangelis music shine on our lifes like a divine star of truth and humanity!

2016/01/08 - Raul

Hello again Dear Antas.
Please, send to the following e-mail
the code for this bootleg
Thank you in advance

2015/11/23 - Andras

Send me please the download code to :
Thank you in advance.

2015/04/02 - Juan Castillo

can I have the code for download? my email is

2015/01/12 - gerry

How do we get the download codes and is any of the stuff available in lossless?

2015/01/10 - vano

Please send me download code

2015/01/03 - tristana


Please send me code for Adventure Ocean - Silent Potraits

2014/11/23 - Pepe Ramos

The code for download from mega tnx

2014/11/23 - Pepe Ramos

The code for download from mega tnx