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Label : Storm Records
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Limited To : 300 Rarity :
  1. Movement 1 (15:21)
  2. Movement 2 (11:26)
  3. Movement 3 (25:01)
  4. Movement 4 (17:32)
  5. Movement 5 (8:35)
  1. Movement 6 (23:20)
  2. Movement 7 (22:10)
  3. Movement 8 (20:30)
  4. Movement 9 - Bonus Track (11:53)
Original Music Composed and Performed by Vangelis

This version contains SoundFx

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2011/04/03 - Adrian Starchild

Hello Antas,
I have purchased from you before in the past. I would live very much this version of Alexander. Do you have one extra for sale? Thanks!

2011/03/15 - Gareth

Radically better than the official Vangelis-supervised release. Professional package (with "commentary" by V. himself) & perfect sound. I understand it uses the music track from the surround sound mix, hence the complete score with some FX / dialogue bleed-over. Hence not so different to listening to 666 or See You Later, really. I love it.

2010/04/15 - Hans

is there a way to get a copy of this album?

2010/04/09 - Josh

Waste of money. I would not recommed it.

2010/03/06 - alexander_fan

please send me those track pleaseeeeeeeeee!!! i have to have it, here is mail

2010/02/10 - aleksander

I bought this version of soundtrack on ebay. The price was very low for such a rare album. For now it's the best bootleg I purchased on ebay. The CDs are manufactured not burned and the cover looks very professional. The sound efects are not that much anoying as some people are stating. The album is very nice collectors item. I'm very happy to have it.

2009/09/27 - Pete-NYC

I purchased this double CD some time ago, and to be honest I was disappointed. It’s simply not worth the price. The sound quality is much worse than the commercial release and some sound effects and dialogs are simply annoying. There are few short gems not available on official release like piece taken from the opening scene where A. Hopkins talks about Alexander’s life and a great short track taken from the scene when Philip tells young Alexander that “the king isn’t born but made”-a truly beautiful piece. Rest is pretty much available (in one or another version) on commercial CD without annoying affects and sounds. Some parts are way too long and boring (like battle with Persians) and other underdeveloped. As much as I enjoyed other Strom’s bootleg “Cavafy”, I would not recommend this one. Don’t waste your money, stick with DVD and the official CD release.

2009/09/22 - Thebault Alain

I like to have - in hygh definition image - this 3 posters of the "Storm Records" CD version of Alexander.

Please sent to my Email adress:

Thank you

2008/08/18 - Peter

If you have the DVD with a Dolby 5.1 track you can make this yourself by extracting the AC3 audio and eliminating the Center Audio Track (and some remixing and editing of the remaining L/R Tracks)

2008/07/13 - Bayerniwi

Super Soundtrack and additional sounds of the Alexander Film, great!

2008/06/23 - Juan Cristian

If you people are interested in the Alexander unreleased music, just contact me.

The CD will NOT be sold, just traded in a fair CD-to CD interchange.

I assure you the one I have is better than Storm version.
my email:

Antas is kindly invited to check out this one as well.



2008/04/12 - Antas - Webmaster

Sorry I can't because of copyrights - Antas -


Hey, why don´t you create a blog with all the bootlegs you have from Vangelis?
It would be awesome!

2008/03/15 - Andre

Anyone has a link to download this album?

2008/03/15 - Andre

Anyone have a link to download this album?

2008/03/07 - albedo


2008/02/22 - Nando

Nothing news about that ? I'm very curious and also interrested for this work !

2008/02/01 - juan pablo

Yes it is a dvd sold on e-bay for 150 pounds? last week

2008/01/02 - Benji

Where you find this CD?

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