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Label : Storm Records
Type : Bootleg Interest :
Support : Manufactured CD Sound Quality :
Limited To : 300 Rarity :
  1. Movement 1 (15:21)
  2. Movement 2 (11:26)
  3. Movement 3 (25:01)
  4. Movement 4 (17:32)
  5. Movement 5 (8:35)
  1. Movement 6 (23:20)
  2. Movement 7 (22:10)
  3. Movement 8 (20:30)
  4. Movement 9 - Bonus Track (11:53)
Original Music Composed and Performed by Vangelis

This version contains SoundFx

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2018/11/06 - Mira Marr

Hello. May I have a link to this album? Thank you kindly.


2018/11/06 - Mira Marr

Hello. May I have a link to this album? Thank you kindly.


2018/06/18 - Sergey Dimidenko

Hello, I was wondering if I could get a link to this album. Please, please, please!


2016/09/14 - Nodir Yuldashev

Please could you send me the link to this album, too?
Thanks in advance!

2016/08/13 - Nev Dorrington

Please could you send me the link to this - Thanks Antas

2016/07/01 - Peter Valchev

Would like to send me the code for the disc . Thank you in advance.

2016/05/02 - Eugene Lafcadio

Hi, do you have a download code for this version?


2016/04/25 - Rivanho

Hi, would it be possible to obtain the code for this disk.
Thanks in advance

2016/04/24 - jose quesada garrido

Hi, how are you?
I would like to enjoy this disc. You send me the code? Thank you.

2015/07/06 - peter

Could you please send me a download code?
Thank you!

2012/10/23 - Bentnas

Most help atrliecs on the web are inaccurate or incoherent. Not this!

2012/10/22 - Kadir

Seems to me like these guys have lots of talent for ptocudrion, but their remixes would be much better if they would work to create smooth build-ups and transitions. Start their tracks off with a little less things going on and build up into what's pretty much going on the whole time. It makes the entire remix far less interesting. If it'd start by SLOWLY building up till the breakdown they used at 2:30, then just blow up in your face to a cross of what they did at 3:30 and 4:36. it'd be SOLID!

2012/07/11 - Roeland

Hello there,
I am looking foor the storm records double cd?

I have the 2CD set from cimmerian records wich is actily also very good.

2012/06/07 - RayFavourite

Hi there, I would LOVE to own this Alexander music! Please direct me towards where I can make that happen! My life is incomplete without it!

2012/02/10 - Niko

If anyone is interested in this score, there is a new 2CD set (120:00 min of music) on cimmerian records website!!

2011/09/18 - Kaden

You have shed a ray of suhnsine into the forum. Thanks!

2011/09/16 - Dany

This is the perfcet way to break down this information.

2011/09/15 - Idalia

I was sreioulsy at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

2011/07/25 - Gareth

Those looking for the Storm version of the complete Alexander score described here, I have a CD-R copy in a very nicely produced package and would love to pass it on to a fellow fan.

The CD will NOT be sold, just traded for whatever we might agree on. It doesn't necessarily have to be rare Vangelis, though I am interested in finding the Spanish 2-fer-1 of Ignacio/Entends-Tu Les Chiens Aboyer.

Feel free to contact me:

2011/07/08 - Emmauel LUC


is there anybody who accept to send me a copy of this bootleg. I'm ready to pay for it!
waiting for a good news

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