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Blade Runner - Reflections
Label : Voight-Kampff Production
Type : Private Release Interest :
Support : CDR with Sticker Sound Quality :
Limited To : 25 Rarity :
    Part One : Opening (Tales Of The City)

  1. Creation Du Monde (4:46)
  2. Dawn (4:12)
  3. Freefall (2:07)
  4. 100 Metres (1:44)
  5. Movement 1 (9:06)
  6. Spiral (6:42)
  7. Intergalactic Radio Station (7:39)
  8. Fiery The Angels Fell (2:54)

    Part Two : Damask Rose (Tales Of The Future)

  9. The City (1:09)
  10. My Face In The Rain (4:15)
  11. Ritual (2:28)
  12. We Were All Uprooted (3:22)
  13. Twilight (4:52)
  14. Mare Tranquillitatis (1:36)
  15. Procession (9:02)
  16. Albedo 0.39 (4:15)
    Part Three : Deckard (Tales Of The Blade Runner)

  1. Le Singe Bleu (7:35)
  2. Himalaya (5:09)
  3. La Mort Du Loup (2:54)
  4. Reve (6:17)
  5. Abraham's Theme (3:04)
  6. La Mer Recommencee (5:42)

    Part Four : Rachel (Tales Of The Heart)

  7. P.S. (2:07)
  8. Antarctic Echoes (5:44)
  9. Prelude (4:16)
  10. Song Of White (4:52)
  11. Rachel's Song (Vassilis Saleas) (4:28)
  12. Memory Of Antarctica (5:17)
  13. Prelude (Vassilis Saleas) (4:16)
  14. Other Side Of Antarctica (6:34)
  15. Love Theme (Vassilis Saleas) (7:07)
Original Music Composed and Performed by Vangelis

Track selection by Johann Voight
Edited and remixed by Lurie Kampff

Note from the Voight-Kampff Team :

"Although many reviewers have often mentioned that if people like what Vangelis did on Blade Runner then they should go check out such-and-such a track/album he did before/after Blade Runner which 'reflects' on the work he did for Ridley Scott's movie.

However, I came to realise that no one had ever put together a compilation of these tracks, so in the spring of 2006 myself and two other fellow Blade Runner fans got together to do just that. One of us did the front cover - as well as tracking down the 'Esper' font! - another did the actual track editing and mixing in order to blend all the tracks together into a continuous suite, and I myself did the disc and back cover artwork, as well as selecting the actual tracks and their running order. A limited edition of 25 copies of the compilation was released in August 2006 to members of the yahoo group bladerunner_soundtrack.

It was my aim to take the listener on a journey through a multicultural city of the future, and the track selection was chosen to achieve this end as opposed to sounding 'bladerunner-esque' per se. No doubt some of the selects will strike some fans as being curious choices, but they were designed to be heard within the context of the compilation and not on their own

Ultimately it was my wish to encourage Blade Runner fans to seek out and discover the vast range of other Vangelis music that is available.

Johann Voight,
on behalf of the Voight-Kampff Team"

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2019/09/13 - Wara

OH! so beatiful! please send code to

2017/10/10 - PBO

Please kindly send me the archive code

2017/02/13 - D.

Hello Atlas! Amazing collection!!!
Could you please send me the code to this archive?

2013/01/19 - Ohm

I agree a sequel, prqeuel or tie in would be bad, but I'm tired of people saying it will ruin the original movie. The original movie will ALWAYS be there. Not one sequel or prqeuel will CHANGE the original. No one forces anyone to watch them. Just watch the original and all will be A-OK. But I still agree none need to be made.

2011/09/18 - Easter

I'll try to put this to good use immeditaely.

2011/09/16 - Tessa

If information were soccer, this would be a gooooaol!

2011/09/16 - Krystal

I am forever iendbted to you for this information.

2009/06/25 - AJ

This is an excellent CD, highly recommended. Both the quality and choice and blend of music is professionally done. Achieves what the authors set out to and captures that Blade Runner Vangelis feel.

2008/06/04 - WillDekkard

Never heard of the Vangelis title "Fiery The Angels Fell" (I know the reference from BR) did you re-title another piece of Vangelis work? If so what was it?

2008/05/12 - jadegolem

Hey everyone, I'm selling my original copy. Bid here:


2008/03/27 - Lasse

Dear all People :P

it looks like your guys want this soundtrack. so i just hope your guys have comment here watch my rely. Ok, this is not my site. im a 15 year old boy from norway and i love to make movies, and i love film score. and the Blade runner music i hvae used in my film Clan Fighter ;)
so i hope you guys find what you are looking for on this website:

its almost ALL the diffrent blade runner albums made ;) enjoy it, and i hope for all your people have comment this one, would se my comment :)

2007/10/21 - Tbone

The track listing for disc you two above is incorrect. There is no track titled # Deckard's Dream (Extended Edition) (1:18) as track one on the disc. I have this and can confirm it. If you look closely at the picture of the backside above you'll see it's not listed there either. It makes sense since these are all supposed be tracks that are not from Blade Runner, but rather have a Blade Runner "feeling".

Maybe the web administrator can update the listing.

2007/10/15 - Crispy

For those of you looking for Vangelis boots, remember - this is a reference site. As the man says on this site "Bootlegs are not legal. This is just for general information purposes - Please don't ask me any copy of them."

But, you don't have to be Rick Deckard to investigate where this material can be found for FREE. After all Deckard didn't have Google and there really are plenty of places to find Vangelis rarities especially Blade Runner ones.

Try checking out the fan sites and Torrent links and like I was, your tenacity will be rewarded.

2007/10/14 - Crispy

This is a great introduction to the work of Vangelis. It was put together by like minded individuals who love Vangelis and was freely available through the fan network. After reading Stephen Legate's comment, I am disgusted that he had to pay out £120.00 to some greedy slimeball bootlegger to own this beautiful music.

2007/09/26 - silenttètè


2007/09/08 - stephen legate

Wow..i have been lucky eneough to get this gem on cost me £120..a lotof money but well worth it as its so limited,some fantastic music,which is great for blade runner fans,the sound quality is amazing,a must have for vangelis and blade runner soundtrack fans..if u r lucky to get a copy!

2007/08/27 - xeriouxi

I got one of the 25 copies of this gem and I have to say that I couldn't have hoped for a better selection of music to listen to. It really does show just how gifted Vangelis is. An absolutely fantastic listening experience. =)

2007/08/27 - San Salvador

Great just a pity it so hard to find. Greetz and good work,maybe one day i hear this beautiful composition tribute to our hero Vangelis.

2007/08/19 - Esper Blue

Thank you very much, Voight-Kampff Team.

You have my sincere respect.

Please keep dreaming with the profundity you used to create this.

2007/07/30 - sonja

my boyfriend is a musicion and vangelis is his mentor. bladerunner is his favoret movie. i think he has almost all of his recordings. we love his music so much we named our son vangelis.

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