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Themes 3
Label : VAN PAP 2001-01
Type : Bootleg Interest :
Support : CDR with Sticker Sound Quality :
Limited To : ??? Rarity :
  1. Cavafy End Titles (from Cavafy) 5:34
  2. Indonesie (from Cousteau) 2:23
  3. Sigla (from Splendeur Sauvage) 1:18
  4. Cosmos Special Edition (from Cosmos) 3:02
  5. Sex Power Suite (from Sex Power) 7:50
  6. Long March 2 (rare single version) 3:28
  7. Greece (from Opera Sauvage) 4:14
  8. Erotic Dance (from Bitter Moon) 7:26
  9. L´Arbre De Vie‚ Part 1 (from TV special) 2:58
  10. The Dream Has Come True (from Fais Que Ton Reve...) 2:25
  11. Morandi Main Theme (from TV documentary) 2:01
  12. L´Arbre De Vie‚ Part 2 (from TV special) 5:43
  13. Palo Picasso (from documentary) 3:15
  14. Rivers Journey (from TV series) 2:39
  15. Sauvage Et Beau Suite (from the wildlife film) 15:20
  16. L´Arbre De Vie‚ Part 3 (from TV special) 5:11
  17. To The Unknown Man 2 (rare single Version) 2:29
Original Music Composed and Performed by Vangelis
Limited edition release and is not licensed for public sale. Made in EEC

"This album continues the Themes series in a very appropiate way‚ and it really is a (digno) sequel. It contains some suites from different rare releases: The first track is a beautiful mix from the opening and closing titles from "Cavafy". The "Sex Power Suite" is made with parts 5‚ 6 & 7‚ while the long suite from "Savage et Beau" manages to include the finest moments from the OWM release‚ such are "Les Grands Codeaux"‚ "Le vol des Oiseaux"‚ "Oceane"‚ "Un Apres Midi" and some more‚ avoiding the voice of the narrator. More over‚ "Erotic Dance" includes the two dance tracks from "Bitter Moon". This release also includes parts 2‚ 3 & 5 from "L'Arbre de Vie" (and not 1‚ 2 & 3 as the titles claim). There are some themes with loop‚ but it is made with tons of care. My only complain about this is that the main theme from "Indonesie" gets overlong.

So‚ since the "Themes" collection hasn't to be exclusive for soundtracks music (Remember that Volume 1 includes a couple of themes from "China")‚ I think this is an extraordinary compilation. All tracks are great‚ the music has been very wisely chosen and carefully edited‚ and it'll give a pleasant listen to both the beginner and the experienced collector. If you have to choose between one "Themes 3"‚ choose this without a doubt."

"One has to wonder why the makers of this cd chose the name "Themes III"since a disc by the same name (apparently) already existed (ie.Polymore). However‚ this Van Pap version is better than the latter formany reasons. While the Polymore version tries to pack in as muchmusic as possible‚ this version seams to be looking for more musicalcoherence. From a sound mixing point of view‚ this cd also does aterrific job of combining more than one song on one track. Forexample‚ the cd opens with the opening titles from "Cavafy" and in thesame track mixes the closing titles very tastefully. Another goodexample of this‚ is the montage of tunes taken from "Sauvage et Beau‚"where it mixes quite a few themes from that release.

There are a few strange inclusions such as the Animoid Row music fromBlade Runner‚ which is incidental music at best and not all thatinteresting. In any case‚ the much-talked-about "Themes II" bootleg iscertainly a hard act to follow because of it's professionalpresentation and content‚ but nonetheless Themes III makes a goodeffort and has some nice qualities. A cd worth having in any seriousVangelis collection."

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2019/08/06 - VICTOR

Can you send me the download link?
Thank You

2016/10/13 - siavash

2008/04/24 - Sergey

I'm have it !!!