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Themes 2
Label : Polygraph
Type : Bootleg Interest :
Support : Manufactured CD Sound Quality :
Limited To : Special Release (no number specified) Rarity :
  1. Main Theme from "Sex Power" (3:14)
  2. Suite from "Entends-Tu Les Chiens Aboyer?" (4:16)
  3. Celestial Paradise from "La Fete Sauvage" (5:16)
  4. Heaven and Hell‚ Part I (3:36)
  5. Curfew from "Missing" (1:39)
  6. Main Theme from "Sauvage Et Beau" (3:26)
  7. The Saga Of H.M.S. Bounty End Title‚ Second Movement (8:03)
  8. Chorale from "The Plague" (3:49)
  9. Suite from "Francesco" (5:52)
  10. Main Theme from "1492 - Conquest Of Paradise" (6:09)
  11. Line Open from "1492 - Conquest Of Paradise" (4:47)
  12. Landscape from "1492 - Conquest Of Paradise" (1:41)
  13. Suite from "Bitter Moon" (6:10)
  14. I Dreamt Music - alternate Love Theme from "Blade Runner" (4:39)
    You can download a short soundclip (251K) in the MP3 format.
Composed‚ arranged‚ produced (???)‚ and performed by Vangelis.
Recorded at Nemo Studios‚ London‚ and Epsilon Laboratories‚ Paris.
This compilation is a special limited edition release and is not licensedfor public sale.
Track 2 is the opening 4 minutes of Ignacio "Enteds.."‚ while Track 3 isthe end of the Ignacio "Enteds.." B side track.
No excerpts from "La Fete Sauvage" appear on the CD.
Track 4 has the same pitch imperfection as the Cosmos soundtrack LP.
The cover insert has 2 pages of commentary.

"Dennis Lodewijks has a good description of what is on this disc on his"Elsewhere" site. His comments tend to knock it‚ but I‚ however thinkthis release deserves more credit than it usually gets. Thisprofessional packaged pressed-CD bootleg is made up of (for the mostpart) unreleased material from Vangelis? various scores. It gives us agood survey of such films as "Sex Power‚" "Missing‚" "The Bounty‚""Francesco‚" "The Plague‚" "Bittermoon" etc. While the sound variesfrom track to track‚ in general it?s quite good. "Curfew" from"Missing‚" appears here in its raw state‚ and without the irritatinglooping found on the "Missing" OWM release. The second movement of"H.M.S Bounty" is well edited with gentle wind sounds at the beginningand end. Some tracks give us a montage of music from a given film. For example‚ in the Suite from "Francesco‚" the two main themes (andreally the only truly worthwhile pieces in the film) convenientlyappear together. Likewise‚ the Suite from "Bittermoon" consolidatesthe opening titles‚ cruise theme and closing titles in one track veryeffectively. The only superfluous tracks on the discs are the maintheme from 1492‚ Heaven and Hell part II and the music from Ignacio. These themes are not rare or unreleased! The last track‚"I DreamtMusic"was the music Vangelis had originally conceived for Rachael andDeckard?s love scene in the film Blade Runner. The music would havefit the scene really well‚ since it compliments its film noirishatmosphere of passion and mystery beautifully. It?s interesting towonder under what circumstances Vangelis ultimately decided to writehis masterful and devastatingly beautiful "Love Theme"for the sceneinstead. Perhaps for the purist or serious collector‚ this releasemay seem simplistic it its content. It is‚ nonetheless‚ ideal for anyVangelis fan that wants a general taste of Vangelis? unreleased filmmusic."  Sebastian

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Can you send me the download link?
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