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Label : OWM 2000
Type : Private Release Interest :
Support : CDR with Sticker Sound Quality :
Limited To : 100 Rarity :
  1. Ice Of Antartica 3:24
  2. Destination Antartica 2:54
  3. Deliverance 4:30
  4. Land Of Antartica 3:13
  5. Mountain In Antartica 2:49
  6. The Ship In The ice 2:49
  7. Memory Of Antartica 5:05
  8. Escape To Antartica 0:46
    You can download a short soundclip (297K) in the MP3 (zip) format.
  9. Living In Antartica 0:52
    You can download a short soundclip (338K) in the MP3 (zip) format.
  10. Wind Of Antartica 2:22
  11. Kinematic 3:50
  12. The Other Side of Antartica 6:56
  13. Winter In Antartica 0:39
    You can download a short soundclip (259K) in the MP3 (zip) format.
  14. Mirage 1:23
  15. Borealis 1:43
  16. Light Of Antartica 2:00
  17. Fall 0:34
    You can download a short soundclip (217K) in the MP3 (zip) format.
  18. Sun Of Antartica 3:16
  19. Return To Antartica 0:28
  20. Song Of White 5:17
  21. Life Of Antartica 5:59
  22. Antartic Echoes 3:10
  23. Back To Antartica 1:40
  24. Theme From Antartica 7:29
Original Music Composed and Performed by Vangelis
Limited edition release and is not licensed for public sale. Made in EEC

"Antarctica is really one Vangelis? most majestic and evocative scores. However‚ this private release has some aspects that are very negative. First of all‚ the name is spelled wrong all over the covers. ("Antartica"as opposed to Antarctica) The major themes found on theofficial release are all here‚ but most of them are cut into separateparts to give the album more tracks. (The same happens in "Missing"OWM). Inexplicably‚ "Deckard?s Dream" from Blade Runner is heard indifferent variations about four times throughout the album. Furthermore‚ many themes are repeated! I see no logic in any of theseaspects of this release. The themes taken directly from the video(tracks 4‚ 8‚ 10‚ 15‚ 16 and 19) are indeed beautiful despite theirmuffled sound‚ and really is the only justification for owning thisrelease."  Sebastian

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2019/08/06 - VICTOR

Can you send me the download link?
Thank You

2011/09/23 - Unknow

I have the original and this one, but i would like to ask if this bootleg have songs that are not included on the original soundtrack.
What songs from this bootleg are not in the original release ?

2008/01/26 - Sandy

The music that appears for Deckards Dream did actually first appear in the Japanese motion picture "Antarctica" when it was released in 1983.It was not until the Directors Cut of Blade Runner was released that this music was used for the unicorn sequence